Bulk Bag

FIBC bag with details:

   •  Product filled up in FIBC : 

   •  Safety Working Load (SWL) kgs. Safety factor

   •  Size X X cm.

   •  Body fabric

Flat or Tubular g/sq.m or oz/sq.yd.

Coated (Y/N)  Color

UV resistance (Y/N)

   •  Filling and Discharge spout

  Filling dia. X cm.   

Discharge dia. X cm.

   •  Lifting loop

(1, 2 or 4) Loops, height cm.

   •  Others

Liner thickness Micron



UN certificate

Label or Document pocket

Print on   side color

   •  Quantity pieces.

   •  Addition Information.

Others product with details:


•  Fabric


    Flat fabric

          Coated (Y/N)  
          Width (80 400 cm.)  
          Weight (110 220 g/sq.m.)  

    Tubular fabric

          Coated (Y/N)  
          Width (120 200 cm.)  
          Weight (130 220 g/sq.m. )  
      UV resistance (Y/N)  

•  Sewing Thread

      Denier (1200 3600 denier)  
      Tenacity (6.5 7.0 g/denier)  
      UV resistance (Y/N)  

•  Rope

      Diameter (4-16 mm.)  
      Roll length m/roll  
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