Testing Facilities

   By using the latest technology, we can deliver the best solutions. Our ISO9001 approved quality assurance system is strict enough to satisfy the most demanding users. Our large laboratory is equipped with a range of instruments for on-line quality control.

   Instruments for evaluating incoming raw material denier tensile strength, breaking strain, UV stability, coating, etc., are all part of this quality assurance system.

   FIBC loading and endurance testing can be carried out and documented as often as necessary to ensure BS EN 1898 Standard for flexible intermediate bulk containers
(FIBCs) for non-hazardous goods;


   UV resistance test (in accordance with ASTM G 154) - A test specimen is exposed to a fluorescent UV Lamp for at least 200 hr using a test cycle of 8 hr at 600C with UV radiation alternating with 4 hr at 500C with condensation.

   Cyclic top lift test - The loaded FIBC is suspended by its lifting devices with a flat pressure plate positioned on top of the contents. The filled FIBC is subjected to a repeated loading, unloading and static cycle. The force is recorded and the FIBC is observed for breakage of any lifting device or other damage, or contents leakage.

   Compression / Stacking test - The filled FIBC is loaded to the specified test load using either a compression tester or a dead load, and at the end of the test period is checked for loss of contents and for deterioration of the unit, rendering the FIBC unsafe for transport and storage.
  Testing is also carried out as per Recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods : Model regulations (UN) requested tests :
- Top lift test
- Stacking test
- Drop test
- Tear test
- Topple test
- Righting test
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