Bulk Bag

Handling Guideline

Storage of empty FIBC    

  • FIBC and liners should be kept clean and stored undercover in such a manner that accidental damage, exposure to sunlight and extreme climatic conditions are avoided.

Filling FIBC    
  • Preferably filled with the base of the bag supported by the ground or a pallet, and the body of the bag supported by the top lift device. FIBC with discharge spout should be tied off or closed before filling.
Stability of filled FIBC    
  • The ratio of the height of the bag to the width/ diameter of the bag should not be more than 2:1. Stability of bags may be improved by vibration during or after filling.

Lifting FIBC
  • Be sure that the fork lift tines are spaced correctly during lifting and all lifting loops, sleeves, or other lifting devices should be vertical.
  • Fork lift tines should have rounded edges and/or protective covers. FIBC should be raised or lowered smoothly.
Horizontal carrying with fork lift trucks
  • Fork lift truck must be suitable for the load to be carried.
  • FIBC should be held close to the mast and as low as possible with the mast tilted slightly backwards.
  • FIBC must not be dragged and the truck should be brought to a stop before FIBC is raised or lowered.
Righting FIBC
  • FIBC has toppled on its side, an endless fabric sling, wound through all the lifting loops should be used.
Stacking of filled FIBC
  • Stacking filled FIBC 2 or more high should be made to ensure that the stack is stable.
  • Generally the higher the stack, the greater the number of retaining walls required.
  • FIBC should not be pushed into a stack as that cause damage to the sides or back of FIBC.

Storage of filled FIBC
  • FIBC are stored outside, attention should be paid to the top closure.
  • Be sure the top closure is properly tied off and not standing in water.

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