Bulk Bag


Superior Production Technology

    Thanks to our vision and desire to meet the needs and varied requirements of our clients, we have imported high-technology machines from Europe to be used in our plant. With this superb technology, our products feature durability, safety standards and attractive designs.


Main Manufacturing Process

   Plastic, pigment, starch grain, UV stabilizer. Both PP and PE plastics are important raw materials for producing fabric, webbing or sewing yarn.

   Siam Flex Pack has a strict policy in selecting high-quality plastics as raw materials which must be tested through the process of Q.C. Department before entering to the production process. Besides, additives such as UV stabliizer, starch grain, anti-dust and enhanced additive are added to plastics to enhance the property for more varying usages.

   Plastic proportions are finely blended before delivering as raw materials to Tape Extrusion Line, Weaving Line, Sewing Yarn Line and Liner Line where each Line brings blended plastics into its melting process. Quality Control comes in place after finish the process.


Tape extrustion line process

    In the line of yarn production consists of the productions from 3 main following sections: Tape Extrusion Line produces two types of sewing yarn which are horizontal yarn (weft) and vertical yarn (warp) to be delivered to Circular Looms and Rope Line as source of raw materials.

   Yarn Weaving Line produces two similar types of yarn but the size of the yarn (Dinear) is bigger as raw materials for Webbing Line. Sewing Yarn Line produces the yarn of the smallest in size which are used as raw materials for Webbing Line as well.

   Besides, a part of this line is Liner Blowing which produces plastic liner for sewing together with the bag for more multi usages of the bag. Essentially the specifications of liners produced depend on types of goods and customers' requirements.

   On a daily basis, the company has a high production capacity for various kinds of raw materials such as 16 tons of yarn, 1.5 tons of sewing yarn, 1.8 tons of weaving yarn and 4 tons of transparent liner film.


Circular Looms, Cutting, and Printing process

   In Circular Looms consist of several Lines, such as Circular Looms where woven fabrics are produced by shuttling weft and warp yarns back and forth across each other to create fabric. With high-technology weaving machine, the size of fabric surface could be fixed in accordance with the orders of customers.

   The next Line is Rope Line which produces ready-made rope to be used as part of the bag. Another Line is Webbing Line which is responsible to produce other accessories to be used as parts of the bag such as webbing and fishbone tape for tying the bag.

   Productions from these Lines; fabric, ready-made rope, webbing and tape are delivered to Stretching and Cutting Line to do the cutting according to the ordered measurements. Cutting or ready-made fabrics then are sent for coating at Coating Line in order to increase the durability before entering to the Printing Line where company names and logos are printed on the bags according to customers' specifications and requirements.


Sewing, Cleaning, and Packaging process

    Here is the final process of the production line where cutting fabrics are delivered for sewing as the bags. With the capability of skillful seamstresses and capacity of modern sewing machines, the sewing process functions at fast speed, bags are neatly and nicely sewed.

   After this, sewed bags are delivered to the Cleaning Line in order to be cleaned both inside and outside. General checking for other parts and neatness of bags are also performed within this Line.

   Finally the last process ends at Folding and Packaging Line. Bags are entered into the process of folding and packaging by machines for convenient movements and transportations to customers.


Production Growth

    At present, Siam Flex Pack produces 7,000 jumbo bags per day. Each bag is recyclable and can be reused several times. Special raw materials with high safety standards (food grade) have been selected to ensure that our bags are excellent container for foodstuffs and drugs. This makes for safety, but also ensures that the quality of foodstuffs and drugs will be perfectly maintained.

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