Quality Control System


   We feel it is our duty to maintain high quality standards, so all bags are thoroughly tested for quality and subjected to tensile strength tests to guarantee durability and safety for consumers.

   Siam Flex Pack is fully committed to producing quality products and managing delivery in an efficient and timely manner in accordance with our agreement to fully guarantee customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we implement the ISO 9001 quality system.

   What's more, staff training sessions are organized on a continual basis. Duties and responsibilities are appropriately delegated to each level of staff to ensure smooth operation in both the daily routine and the general operational system. A thorough repair and maintenance schedule for machines is also included in the system.

  Quality Control, In-house Procedures

   With more than 10 years of extensive experience, we are proud of our skill and expertise. However, we still continually upgrade our quality control system and its ongoing development.

   During the raw materials preparation and production process, intensive tests and checks are carried out for all materials - yarns, fabrics, woven fabrics, monofilaments, multifilaments, belts, liners, laminating materials, designing, printing, sewing and with regard to contamination.

   The next procedure is lab testing - tensile strength, drop testing, top-lift testing and U.V. stability testing before the final packaging process. Bags produced must be in accordance with BS EN 1898:2000 (British Standard), AS 3668 (Australian Standard) and must be certified by the UN to gain the UN Certificate when hazardous materials are to be contained.
  Quality Control Recording

   Recording product quality is of vital importance in checking, analyzing and improving the system to comply with the standards.

   Details including reference numbers, storage, production period, and storage location including appropriate disposal methods must be clearly specified and closely controlled and monitored by the Quality Control Department.


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