Bulk Bag



width: 2- 10 cm .
      weight: 4-80 g/m.
      color: customer requirement
      standard roll length: 150 m/roll  


      diameter: 4- 16 mm .
      weight: 8-115 g/m
      color: customer requirement
      standard roll length:dia < 8 mm. = 900 m/roll
                                            dia > 12 mm. = 600 m/roll

   Sewing Thread

      denier: 900-3600 denier
      sewing thread can be used on sewing equipment with          lock stitching, chain stitching and two-needle systems
      color: white, black, blue
      standard bobbin weight: 0.8 kg/bobbin
      UV resistance: yes



      flat fabric (Uncoated / Coated)
          width: 80-420 cm.
          weight: 60-220 g/square m.
      tubular fabric (Uncoated / Coated)
          width: 120-200 cm.
          weight: 60-220 g/square m.
      UV resistance: yes

Closing Devices

      velcro combination
      zipper combination
      b-lock combination
      full bottom discharge solutions


  Standard Liner (LLDPE)

      tubular liner (bottom sealed / unsealed)
          width: 110-205 cm.
          thickness: 50-150 micron
      gusseted liner (bottom sealed / unsealed)
           layflat width: 110-205 cm.
           thickness: 50-150 micron

Shaped Liner (LLDPE)

      layflat width: 110-205 cm.
      thickness: 50-150 micron
      placed into the bags : freely, glued, tabs, sewn

Aluminium Liner

      Made with Aluminium film offer superior moisture and           oxygen protection for general use, as well as excellent           UV protection for light sensitive products.
      Compatible with a variety of container types and           available in standard to fit most packages.
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