FIBC are cost effective method of handling and storing dry bulk products. FIBC can be designed to fit a variety of uses and users. A variety of fill and discharge methods have been developed. A flexible spout can be sewn to either top, bottom then secured with a tie to aid in filling and discharging the product. Liners can be installed for special products. Straps or sleeves aid in lifting, moving and handling the products.

   Siam Flex Pack is currently manufacturing a wide range of FIBC bag. Our range covers a safe working load (SWL) from 500 kgs to 2500 kgs and have safety factors of min 5:1


Standard Bag

  • With lots of applications and simple design / saves money.
  • Loops are sewn into/ with vertical seams of bag gives a very good distribution and guarantees a high tenacity and high SWL.

Cross Corner

  • Loops are sewn into the body fabric which preferred with circular woven (8 reinforcement), also available with fabric patches.


  • Available in-stock and designed with many different features and options.
  • Fabric edges are turned to the outside to reduce potential contamination.

2 Loop Bag

  • Cost effective bulk-handling solution suitable for handling bigger bulk volumes, high output capacity.
  • Mostly used for fertilizer, fish-feed, cement, seed, chemicals, minerals, etc.

Baffle Bag

  • Preventing by a round shape frame keeps the filled in a more square or rectangular stacked, as it doesn't protrude from pallets.
  • Designed size up to standard pallet sizes or to customer needs. Save up to 30% in storage and transport space.
  • Production using very accurate technical procedures that make totally sift proof, even for very fine powders.

UN Bag

  • Designed to transport certain types of dangerous goods.
  • The strictest requirements of “ United Nations Recommendations on the Transportation of Dangerous materials ” which bear a UN marking.

Sling Bag

  • The best solution for storage material to transport sacks of 25 and 50 kgs.
  • Providing the security and the economy that need to be more competitive business


  • Reduction of pallet costs, decline of requirements for pallet storage
  • No difficult handling of bags in upper layers , no risk of contamination of the product by wood chips from the pallet
  • Palletless bag is a real advantage if you are having to use heat treated or fumigated pallets to export your products globally

New Product
Antistatic Bag

  • A various FIBC designs to reduce electrostatic hazards. Depending on the application 4 categories (Type A, B, C, D).
  • Added security to any filling or discharging station bust must always be earthed during use, suitable for use in the presence of any potentially flammable atmosphere, both dust and gas or vapour.

Container Liner

  • Made out of woven PP fabric protects the product against contamination, designed to fit the customers need.
  • Ideal product to store and transport all kind of non hazardous dry bulk products, suitable for 20' and 40' containers and gives the optimal utilization of the container.
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